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Made it inbox Zero

I've been hard to get in touch with for the past 6 months for all kinds of reasons.

As of today I have made it back to inbox zero which means I'll actually answer my email again.

Hey, I might actually start blogging a bit again too.
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Two geeky tunes

Tom at practiceIt's been a while since I last posted any of my music.

Today I put up a couple of new ones on my music page.

I have finally decided to embrace my nerd, and both pieces are quite geeky.  The first one "commitment" is about components of the identity mixer cryptosystem with which I work.  The extra secret geek factor is that many of the samples are transmissions from RFID credit cards that I captured with an oscilloscope and then used matlab to convert into audible frequencies.  Other instrumentation includes Juno 106 analog synth and shortwave radio.

The other new piece "Atmospheric Robots" is the second in a planned trillogy of songs about terreforming robots that get infected with extraterrestrial malcode, destroy our space colonies and then head for earth.  In this second piece humanity starts fighting back by debugging some captured robots.  These robots were created to build an earth-like atmosphere for the moons of Jupiter, and have a semi-autonomous flocking behavior that make them our best hope for regaining some control and defending earth.

If you have any feedback, please share it.  Just like an evolving draft of a paper, I like an external perspective on my tunes.
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Anyone going to be in Munich on May 16th?

Hey folks!

I'm planning to see the Notwist play in Munich next month.  Anyone else going to be in Germany around that date?

Also, following the example of a couple of friends I have started using Dopplr when I have a trip scheduled.  If you want to know where and when I am traveling consider adding me as a Dopplr contact.
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My blog is moving, please update your links

Hey folks!

My blog is undergoing a significant upgrade, and is moving to http://cryptocracy.net If you are a podcast subscriber, don't worry, the feed will continue to operate as before.  If you currently get me on your friends page, please subscribe to the new blog via this link: Subscribe to cryptocracy blog

What is this upgrade you ask? I am opening up my blog to a set of excellent contributers in the field of security and privacy research.  The new members of the cryptocracy will post their own blog entries, contribute to the podcast, and otherwise conspire in the ongoing plans for global domination.

See you over at the new site!
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Cryptocracy Podcast: Interview with Ian Goldberg

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This week’s guest is Ian Goldberg with whom we discuss his observations on the evolution of the field of Privacy Enhancing Technologies and his recent work in the sub-field of Private Information Retrieval.

I also narrate this week's Anonymity Bibliography paper of the week: Compact E-Cash, by  Jan Camenisch, Susan Hohenberger, and Anna Lysyanskaya. (BibTeX) (PDF)


Musical segue: Nightcrawler

CJACKS via Podsafe Audio

Album photograph by

Jacob Appelbaum